Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This is me being optimistic

My dog lost 13 lbs in ten days, more than a tenth of his body weight, a fact which has not alarmed the vet, though Duff's spine is now protruding. He was very lean at 95 lbs when I brought him in. I had a meltdown about it Monday and mostly I am just missing him. I can bring him home and let him recuperate here once he can pee on his own, when that will be I don't know. I don't see why I can't manage a catheter myself, but as hard as I'm working to pay the vet bills, it's probably just as well he is in their care. His spirits are good, they say, but he raises up a storm of clamor every time I leave, and lately he's been barking quite a bit during the day. Anyway, trying to be strong about this, but mostly I just miss him crowding me out of the way when I open the refrigerator door.