Monday, September 18, 2006

"Orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages..."*

RPP and Rima were talking to a couple of friends, Liz and Brian, who had just returned from the LA Zoo. RPP said she'd never been but would surely like to go. So, Brian reached into his pocket and pulled out the ticket stubs, handing one to each of our ladies.

RPP: "Oh look, a llama!"

Rima: "It's a rhino."

RPP: "Uh, that's a llama."

(this back and forth goes on for what seems like five minutes)

Rima: "Rhino."

RPP: "Llama."

Rima: "Um, have you SEEN one lately?"

RPP: "I'm LOOKIN' at one right now!"

Brian grabs Rima's ticket in exasperation and disgust, "That's a rhino!"

RPP: "Let me see..."

RPP laughs, "That IS a rhino."

Then she hands over her ticket, upon which there is indeed a photo of a llama.

Because, of course, they were looking at different pictures.

*At the Zoo, Simon & Garfunkel


GrizzBabe said...

Very funny!

jt castleton said...

almost as funny as the eczema advertisement on your blog.

Everyman said...

I hope you do not mind that I have referenced you in a post.
See "Cupid Blind Did Rise.steve
Oh, I collect rhinos! And when I put my underwear on, I look like an Orangutan.

The Frito Pundito said...

I have dreams in which llamas mate with rhinos and makes something that spits in my eyes and then rams my ass. Please analyze.