Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Since the muse has been on vacation (or maybe I wasn't honoring her enough, so she's enacting a trial separation, I'm not certain - I must remind myself to lay some flowers on her doorstep), I must direct you to another, for whom that particular relationship is full on.

This is not the most current entry, rather the 'next to,' but definitely read Mimi Smartypants on things superheroes say. Till next time, I will try to get this chain of kryptonite lifted off my chest, so that I can wield a pen and tap at the keyboard again, for a change.

Then again, there is the current entry, Cautionary Fable, because even if Mimi's humor is, as she claims, "desperate and lame," it's still funnier than television.


McGone said...

When you see The Muse, apologize for me too, would you? I have been criminally uncreative lately.

Huckleberry said...

If the hypnotized gorillas are chasing you, what, pray tell, is one supposed to say?

kissyface said...

McGone - goodness gracious, thank you for leading by example - by that I mean that after seeing your use of capitalization and my lack, I realize I have continued to dishonour The Muse most egregiously. Yes, I will pass on yours if she'll accept mine.

Huck - throw a bunch of bananas at 'em? Then point and holler excitedly, "Look, there's Dian Fossey!" ??