Friday, November 30, 2007


: (ri-'spekt; Latin) 
" From respicere -- the act of looking back,
regard, the act of giving particular attention,
consideration, esteem."
                          • Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Respect is not fear and awe; 
it denotes, in accordance with 
the root of the word (respicere), 
the ability to see a person as (they are), to be aware of (their) unique individuality. 
                  • Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving


jt castleton said...

it's all about "respek"


Grant Miller said...

I was going to mention "respek." But someone beat me to it.

Citizen H said...

I can't help but wonder who pissed you off enough to bring up the etymology of "respect." You must be in rare form right now.

kissyface said...

JT Castleton - I miss you, Dearie.

Grant - You have to be quick around here. Usually, you are.

Citizen - funny, actually, no one did. It came up because I was researching the etymology of my bf's last name, and "Respicere" was a possibility. I think it's strange and ill advised how few people know the meanings of their names and surnames. In any case, I came across that quotation as well, and really loved the notion. It was appreciation that prompted the posting of it, not aggravation.