Saturday, February 02, 2008

Me and my homies

Thank God we kept our noses clean (although somebuddy's got awfully hirsute sinus cavities). That's Tex, on the right.

Here I'm presenting Buddy, in my ersatz Vanna White impersonation, at our local watering hole.

This one's of me, triumphing over evil, and not in some odd, compromised sexual mischief (I don't swing that way, anyway). Actually, it's my sweet erstwhile roommate, Rachel P., on her birthday, and that naughty bug, Levi. She thought it would be fun to rent sumo suits and have a wrassling contest in Griffith Park. It was fun, especially rolling her down the hill in that big balloon she's wearing. I don't know what Levi thought of it, but he was glad to be running around and sneaking treats.

Here's Rachel's man and Tex, about to square off.

Tex and me at a friend's costumed birthday party last month. The theme was 1978. Tex wore his '07 Halloween costume, Brian Fantana. It was a good opportunity for me to wear my vintage cotton dress from that period, the one that looks like Rainbow Brite vomited up the Crayola box. I confess the last time I wore that was also on Halloween (c. 04, I believe), when I met this man. Apparently, he liked the dress.

Here's my very dear friend, JMT (you might recognize him from the tube), at the same party, with his old friend RH (and my newer one) in the white cap. They're just a couple of dumbass hicks from Georgia. JMT describes RH as, "delightfully unhinged." That describes a lot of people I know.


GrizzBabe said...

I thought you were joking about the last two photos being recent. They look vintage.

Grant Miller said...

I never wanted to tell you, but I have a thing for people dressed in sumo costumes.


Anonymous said...

I miss you. These pics are great. You look hot in "78"

steve said...

Looks like good clean fun.
hi, kissyface!