Monday, November 03, 2008

This Takes the Cake

...and it takes it literally.


bulletholes said...

You should see some of the disasters I myself have produced in the past. just because one is a Chef does not mean they are qualified to actually attempt to decorate a cake.
I had to do one one night in a pinch at the hotel, and the little Pastry Girl Stood and watched and told me that
"with a single cake, you have completely destroyed everything we have tried to accomplish in the Bake Shop the last year"

She was right!
But the ereal monstosities were the oneas I attempted to make for my daughter when she was a little girl.

Anyway, heres a site I tripped over a while back that is catalogging Bad Cakes...

Anonymous said...

I've spent twenty minutes attempting to find a hidden message in that cake. To no avail. Hi kfc!

Oh, and Steve, that pastry girl's comment is priceless. A landmark in failure recognition!

UF Mike

bulletholes said...

Mike, its real subtle...
where it says "Underneat That (sp)" well, those are the instructions, not the message.
a case of Micro-mangement of the inscription.
That Pastry girl....i gave her a raise and told the Pastry Chef to make sure she could decorate Cakes ASAP. i sometimes wonder where she is now with that mouth of hers. i love people that speak right up like she did!