Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Attention Must Be Paid*

"Attention is love, what we must give
to children, mothers, fathers, pets,
our friends, the news, the woes of others.
What we want to change we curse and then
pick up a tool. Bless whatever you can
with eyes and hands and tongue. If you
can't bless it, get ready to make it new."

- Marge Piercy
The Art of Blessing the Day

(* from Death of a Salesman)


GrizzBabe said...

Okay, I'll bless the frog, but do I have to hold it like that?


Citizen H said...

Not so sure about the tongue part. Not with a gi-normous fucking frog involved.

whoissecretdubai said...

a humble request...(for anyone not allowing this post through--not spam--)

Anyone happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: secretdubai.blogspot.com) is?


Anonymous said...

I'm paying attention. But to all the wrong stuff. Well, I pay attention to my wife and my dogs, but everything else? As for picking up a tool to change the world, I choose an icepick.

Hey charming!

UF Mike