Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Adventures in Babysitting

I can't rightly recall what my infraction was Sunday night - I think I wasn't coloring exactly the way the eight-year-old gentleman wanted. Anyhow, he looks up at me and says, "You're an idiot!"

Instead of sending him to his room or making him wear a hair shirt to bed, I replied, "Don't you mean, fucking idiot?"

Afterwards, he took me by the hand and led me to his room, insisting that we wrestle on his bed.

Can't wait to see what he's like when he starts dating.


jt castleton said...

Crayons: $4
Coloring Book: $6
Milk and cookies: $8

Dropping the f-bomb on an 8yr-old: priceless

There are some things money can't buy--for everything else there's Kissyface.

srchngformystry said...

im glad that little stinker got a kissyface treatment. lovely.