Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ran Out of Gas

I'm starting to think that maybe I have nothing more to say. Might have something to do with the great difficulty I'm feeling in regards to my life right now. Wouldn't be the first time feeling overwhelmed has rendered me speechless. I seem to be wishing my life away on a consistent basis these days. Just this Sunday I thought, and this on a more positive note, that I'd like to give everything away except my dog, some clothes, a few cooking supplies, and my iBook, and go live over in one of the shacks on Tommy's hill. Guess I'd need my sleeping bag too. Just simplify things, while still having access to canyon wifi. Just so long as I could recharge my battery now and then. But mostly, I'd be like a female Grizzly Adams, only without the bears and that jackass, 49er. Living in the wilds with the coyotes and skunks, right in the middle of Los Angeles. What can you live off of without a refrigerator? How to get through the day without a mirror? What about no light past dark?

Crazy talk, I know, but when I mentioned it to the yoga teacher guy who sells me my raw milk, he said, "if you do that, you'll change the world."

Well, he might be making too much of it, but I certainly would change mine. I always knew I was part feral child, but I think my fantasy has more to do with escape than enlightenment. I guess I'm tired.


The Frito Pundito said...

"Don't speak unless you can improve on silence."

The Buddha

rachelp said...

I heard Tommy's Hill was equipped with a bathroom. Levi and I would move into a shack next door.

whosyourhuckleberry said...

Well, if you are feral and in secluded repose, what need have you for a mirror? Though if you are going to live up in the hills, you should probably do it somewhere with less smog, because being outdoors continuously breathing in that crap, well, I can't imagine that'd be fun...

kissyface said...

frito - well, I clearly break that rule all the damned time. my apologies to the man with the belly.

huck- true true too true, dat. i was trying to list things that seem hard to give up. vanity's a big big part of this culture. no thought to appearance is quite difficult. and forget worrying about how good you look or don't look, mirrors are ubiquitous, so not seeing yourself at all is like a shock to the modern psyche. but all in all a great idea.

as for the air quality, you are right there, too. nonetheless, it's better up here than down the hill. you can literally see the increased density of brown as you descend from where i live.