Thursday, November 09, 2006


Evidently some people feel that coverage of the Spears/Federline tragedy should not have superseded those who Rock the Vote. Huck and H/Aytch wrote about the recent political changing of the guard, as it were.

As did Grant Miller. Sir, to you.

Unremitting Failure adds (I can never simply link to his individual posts, unfortunately):

"Concession Speech

Unremitting Failure would like to thank everyone (that's you, Joe Jarvis!) who voted for us across the country yesterday. Your vote (singular) of support is much appreciated. But more than that it is--given our crackpot stands on most of the issues of the day--highly disturbing. Nevertheless, we stand tall, our belief in failure and futility as the twin pillars of the American Way of Life unshaken. Let us be clear about this--even should victory someday overwhelm us, and even should demon success take us in its jaws and shake us, we will hold true to the ideal that has preserved us: namely, that every man and woman has the inalienable right to fail in their own way, whether they want to or not. Thank you, and God Bless."

Then there's ma boy, Stitch, who has taken to cross-dressing in a burka, but he's still quite handsome, even under all that yardage.


unremitting mike said...

Thank you for the kind plug, darling. Good to see you're writing again, if only to complain about the fact that you're not writing! Writers have written great works that are nothing but a complaint about their inability to write. Perhaps you can follow in their immortal footsteps!

The Frito Pundito said...

For anyone who is interested in the viewpoint of some who is happy his hard work and money actually paid off for once, check out my blog

Warning: no funny graphics or pictures of Paris Hilton. She and I reached an "understanding" some time ago