Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Girl in the Photo

No one wants to know who that chére bébé below is? Or even guess?

Anne Frank.


SFG said...

Really? How cool--where did you find it?

kissyface said...

I pinched it off another blogger's page. Evidently, Otto Frank snapped it (Anne's father). I'd never seen it before. It's marvelously odd.

Is that you, Senta?

sfg said...

Yep, that's me. I'm loving that photo. So weird!

steve said... wasn't Gertrude Stein after all.

GrizzBabe said...

It is an odd photo. What would cause her to be naked and put on aviator goggles? Otto probably thought that too which is why he shot the photo.

Happy Fourth of July!!

Grant Miller said...

I really should have known that. I've read, like five books on Anne Frank in the last two years.

sfg said...

This morning I had a dream that I met Anne Frank as a young girl (8 or 9) and told her how much I loved the photo that her Dad had taken of her.
"The one where you aren't wearing anything except a pair of weird goggles!"
She seemed to enjoy my enthusiasm.

Citizen H said...

SFG: Was that just before Chris Hansen busted you on camera, by any chance?

Just sayin'.

kissyface said...

I think the photo is amazing. It is sweet and odd, and my mind imposes this melancholia and dread of things to come. It is all at once entirely innocent yet so bizarrely modernist it starts to rob the sense of naiveté (pardon me for using that pretentious word).

sfg - you're communing with spirits now. Lovely.

Citizen - What? Who is Chris Hansen?

Citizen H said...

KF, Chris Hansen is the guy who does those dateline stings where they bust online predators trying to hook up with 13-year-olds. There's something amusing in watching those guys get humiliated on national TV before they get TTS'd (Tied, Tagged, and Stashed) by the cops.