Thursday, July 26, 2007

Calling All Cars

The Los Angeles based band I represent is preparing to write their third album and shoot an accompanying documentary film, and we have quite a wonderful but simple concept. We need the assistance of other musicians and people of taste to complete a national search for talent.

We are looking for approximately ten musicians of any age (maybe even a preference for older folk) and genre who are extremely talented, possibly with a unique or eccentric aspect to their music, who have given up on trying to "make it" in favor of a more normal life. We want "coulda/shoulda beens," not "has beens," with whom we can write and record a song in their town or city, while documenting it on film, and telling their personal story.

Can you think of someone exceptional you have encountered in the last decade plus, someone who really should have been recognized nationally, or attained a "musician's musician" status, someone you can't believe didn't make it? If you are willing to share their name and/or contact info, we would be most obliged.

Maybe you can link me to other recording professionals, small radio stations, club owners, artists in your area or society whose tastes are discriminating and would be willing to help find these people?

I think this can be a really beautiful project.


Pablo Gazpachot said...
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GrizzBabe said...

What an excellent idea. I'll keep my eye out for someone who might be fitting.

The Frito Pundito said...

Hey sis,

Well, you know I kind of put MYSELF in that category...

But I do know several people more talented than me who had varying degrees of success and gave it up for what I hope they still consider good reasons. I'll send you a list via email

Your bro

Pablo Gazpachot said...

Love the concept... and yes definitely I have someone for you - His name is Ted Meyer. He's 40. Works in a carpet store in Brooklyn. 2 kids. He's the most incredibly talented musician and a truly gifted songwriter. This guy is Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett, Keith Moon, and Nick Drake wrapped into one. I think the business of making music just overwhelmed him. He was truly just in love with writing and recording songs, the rest just seemed like a headache. He put the instruments down a few years ago. But his homemade demos are spectacular. His talent is still in there. He's the missing Good Listenter.

Anyhow if you're interested I can put you in touch with him. I imagine there could be some resistance, but he's my oldest friend, I'm sure there's a way. 

Keep up the great work!

Pablo Gazpachot

UF Mike said...

Brother JT comes to mind. So far as I know, he still lives in Bethlehem, PA. The guy's an acid-drenched visionary and a guitar god.

check this:

I put myself in the never made it category, although not in the shoulda made it category. I didn't make it for very good reasons, lack of visible talent just being the most prominent. That said, I simply DRIP charisma, write great lyrics, and am a total exhibitionist who will do absolutely anything to entertain an audience! Within limits, of course.

UF Mike

kissyface said...

Thnks UF! Why don't you get me some samples of 'yer blues'?

kissyface said...

Uf -

Anonymous said...