Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Going to California

I have to say, if I haven't before, that I understand people who dislike Led Zeppelin about as much as people who don't like dogs (exclusion clause for those of you who were bitten as children; that I get).

Tonight I'll be here:

At The Egyptian Theater

Wednesday, July 18 – 7:30 PM
West Coast Premiere! Long-Lost 1970 Led Zeppelin Concert!
LED ZEPPELIN LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL, 1970, Contemporary, 108 min.

Peter Whitehead shot this rarity in color when the band performed at London's Royal Albert Hall in January 1970 - just after the release of Led Zeppelin's second album, and it's the finest example of the band's early days at full-throttle. No flashy camera-tricks - just pure Zeppelin. "Whole Lotta Love", "Communication Breakdown", "I Can't Quit You Baby" and a 15-minute version of "Dazed and Confused"! The film has never been screened theatrically in Los Angeles. This will be a great night for Zeppelin fans! With the Egyptian's 60 foot widescreen - and the 60-surround speakers pumping out 30,000 watts - prepare for a Whole Lotta Zep!


steve said...

If that comes to DFW I'll take my son....
years ago when the Cadillac comercaial playing Zeps "Rock and Roll" came out, i was taking care of an 80 yeear old blind man...gave him his shot, cooked and generally we had a great time...anyway, when that commercial came out, Arnold would kinda perk up and his foot and fingers would start tappin'...finally one day he says 'Who is that music?"
"thats Led Zeppelin Arnold"
"they're pretty good" he says.
"Wanna hear the whole album?'

Arnold loved that this day when I go see him, he sings the "OOOOEEE-OO-OO-EE part to me, pretty well to!


Kevin said...

So, how was the movie?

~Zep Fan

Grant Miller said...

About five years ago, I went through a phase where all I listened to was Led Zeppelin. Although I'm not a fan of Robert Plant, the rest of the band was amazing.

kissyface said...

Steve - love that story.

Kevin - it was great, though I was sorry it was solely concert footage - no backstage, no interviews. sorry to diminish the art, etc. (which was considerable), but Robert Plant was unbelievably hot. I nearly came unglued.

Grant Miller - no wonder you don't like him.