Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Ralphie Parker's Friend, Flick

In a few years, that kid will get himself stuck to a cold metal post. I must say, my first reaction was, "Eww..." Then I had to admit to myself that it is precisely the sort of thing I'd have done as a child. Or now. But you know, pigs are very clean. Or so people like to tell you.


steve said...

In a few years that kid will be doing well...
He's a real go-getter!

Anonymous said...

Clean, yes. But they can strip a human being to the bone faster than a school of piranha, which makes giving one your tongue a suspect move in my humble opinion. Something tells me that later in life people would say, "Is it true you once french-kissed a pig?" and he'll respond, "Ghhhaaaa!"

That is a cute picture, by the way.

Unremitting Mike