Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things That Worry Me

The final entry in my American Heritage Dictionary is zyzzyva, for which there aren't nearly enough relevant tiles in Scrabble, though it's at least a 43 point move. (Damn!)

Does this really mean that the weevil gets the last word?

Addendum: I learned that the highest single word score evah is 360 for quixotry, by a non-expert level tournament player. Read more here.


huckleberry said...

I suck at Scrabble.
Board games, generally, except chess and, oddly, Chutes & Ladders.

Stella O. said...

What's 'weevil,' like 11 points. Drat.

kissyface said...


I'm not that good at Scrabble, which is odd, because I'm really good at crossword puzzles and even better at Jeopardy! I TROUNCE at Jeopardy! It makes the bf quite unhappy at times, though really we're well matched. It's just that I read much faster...

But Scrabble... I think I wrote here once about by ex-fiance, who was dyslexic, less educated and had a smaller lexicon. He kicked my ass every time, because he played for points, whereas I was more interested in the words themselves. He'd kill it, I'd whine loudly, mock insulting him for his "insufficiencies," and he'd just laugh and laugh at me. Really, it was quite fun.

Stella - So close.
Min. of 12 pts. Here's a calculator: