Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Journalist: Would you rather make love or make poems? Or is it the same thing?

Leonard Cohen: That depends on the girl.


bulletholes said...

He gets right to it , don't he?

bulletholes said...

And it makes me think of a conversation I had last week...

Fella said:
“No way I’ll ever do any dope again! I have completely lost the desire to use!”
I had to give him a funny look.
“Is that right ?” I said.
“Yep” he replied, “You could put a big pile of dope on that table right there, and I would have no desire to use any of it. I’m done”
I said ‘Man, I kinda feel that way, but I’m not so sure”
“Why not?” he asked.
‘Well, with me it all depends on who it was that threw down that dope, and how do she look. It if was Velvet Skinned Annie dancin’with a Rose between her teeth, I’m afraid I might have to have a go again.”
Fella just looked at me kinda sober like, and went back to his seat.