Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Why

There's a room where a small boy is with a candle.
The man in the room, referring to the candle asks, "Tell me where this light comes from."

The boy blows out the candle and replies,
"You tell men where this light went and I'll tell you where it comes from."

- Sufi parable

(Where I got this is a little embarrassing, I suppose, but I overheard it (I swear), while my bf was watching that new tv show, Flash Forward, which seems quite like his old obsession, Lost. He is now calling me an awful snob. Though I googled it three different ways, I cannot confirm that it was not constructed by a Hollywoodland writer. Not sure it's any less great, however.)

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Rich said...

Nvermind if it is real, what do you think it means?