Wednesday, December 02, 2009


My Pulitzer prize winning friend, so downtrodden by the collapse of real journalism, has started a zine for life in Los Angeles. Yours truly is the "legs" in the mastead photo, much to her surprise (I signed no release; should I sue?), and is reminded of how badly she needs to get her ass back to the gym. By the way, those fishnets were for Halloween, as was the dark wig. Apparently, the world likes me better as a brunette. Oh, wait, this was supposed to be about Howie, not me. Read his bloggity whatever I'm supposed to call it. It really is amusing, but I would say that, as it largely examines my 'hood.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Those legs are tremendous! I'm sure the blog is too. I just have trouble getting past the legs.


UF Mike

kissyface said...

Why can't my bf ever say anything that nice? You know that wig I'm wearing kept shifting up and down on my forehead, so in some pictures it's all 60s eye-hiding and in others it's Bettie Page/Prince Valiant height. Those things itch. Party was fun though.

The Legman site is pretty great, actually, he just did a little blurb on the End of Prohibition Party.

The Lady with the Hot Pink boa is my neighbor - she comes to all our gatherings. 81 and as spry as the kids; she's a legend. She is awesome.

The guy covering his eye with the spoon is an incredible musician. He was actually playing The Spoons at one point. Incredible. No kidding. I made him do it on my sore left shoulder, kind of a culinary utensil Shiatsu.

Anonymous said...

The wig's hot too. You've got it going on, girl. Looks, great writing chops--that boyfriend of yours had better be looking over his shoulder. Hi!

UF Mike

bulletholes said...

Yeah, he even cites Possum Kingdom in his Prohibition article!
Possum Kingdom! Where the Possum is King and Feather boas run wild!

rachelp4 said...

your legs look HOT!
Love Rachl