Saturday, January 02, 2010

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Someone's a bit overly wistful and introspective, much of which is brought on by over-exposure (it only takes a second) to Tim Buckley. If there is a more beautiful song in the world than Song to the Siren, I don't know it. It makes me feel so much I almost can't bear it. It's a beautiful dream from which I never want to awaken. It makes me feel I'm living the wrong life. It sounds like the most intense love and sex and sorrow I've ever had.

Here's to Tim, whose more famous son had a remarkable voice and was also a very good songwriter, but his father maybe should be more widely remembered and revered. I'll have to do more serious study and consideration before I can absolutely swear to it, but it is generally what I feel.

Tim Buckley recorded this in 1970 -

And here's to the Cocteau Twins and Elizabeth Fraser's always stunning vocals and melismatic style. I love this '83 version every bit as much as the original.

Fraser much later would have an "intense personal relationship" with Tim's son, Jeff Buckley. They recorded his song, "All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun." He was so like his father, whom he met only once.

Ok, I have to go now and gather my guts up off the floor.


bulletholes said...

Without meaning to flatter myself, i think my girlfirend Jeri wrote this song to me in the 11th grade, and claimed it as her own. She did the smae thing with "Wild Horses", which was way obvious, but I never let on. She was way too pretty not to play along, you know.
Anyway, this is a beautiful song.
Made me weep.

bulletholes said...

And yeah, Tim would get my nod.

kissyface said...

I really love that she did that. It's so romantic, if deceptive, but the kind of lie you can easily forgive in a child who is trying to win someone. It's so heartbreakingly human.

And that song garrotes, but I'm happy to have my throat cut, I guess.

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