Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Go Visit the Dooce

I'm sure I'm violating some copyright law or something, but I figure since I'm giving credit and advertising her blog, she won't (hopefully) sue me. This is what you can find at (click the link to the right):

Past participle

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

“You’re expecting a call from him, right? Has he called yet?”

“No. He probably hasn’t even woken up yet. Wait … is that the right tense? Is that even a word? Woken? Why was my initial thought to say, ‘He hasn’t done waked up yet.’?”

“Because where you come from ‘conjugation’ is something people do with their spouses when they visit them in prison.”


Billy D said...

So when my little one bangs on the bedroom door and says "What are you and mommy doing in there?" I can tell her "Conjugating"?

srchngformystry said...

hee hee

jt castleton said...

conjugation cha-cha cha.

may '08 is graduation...perfect reason to come to Boulder. gretchen'll be there.

birthday's not 'til december, which gives you plenty of time to pen the sequel.

as for the religion, well i'm about as nominally (irish) catholic as it gets, putting me in that category with the "dangerous" people. i totally buy the aesthetics and religion theory btw. it nicely explains why frat guys get celtic crosses tattooed on their massive biceps. and dont forget the romanticizing of the crusades and medieval europe for a 8yr old who wanted to be a knight.

actually, there's a franciscan in the family, whose humble guidance has been the only respectable attachment i have to the church. he once told me that the franciscans aren't about religion (which is made up of rules)--they're about faith. of course, i've adopted and adapted that one line to fit my own needs. since it'd take several hours to explain the rest of my thoughts on spirituality, i guess i'll just feed it to you in the coming months.........

i'll leave you with this though: catholicism is a great comedic weapon. when a jehovah's witness or a mormon comes knocking on my door, i'll let them in, engage them in friendly disucssion, and then deadpan, "Well, as a Roman Catholic, I believe that everything you've told me is heresy and you will burn in hell for all of eternity for trying to lead me astray--unless you repent right now. No? Well then good day to you, sir/ma'am." (the alternative would be to engage them as someone interested in etymology and totally undermine their reliance on translations from greek, aramaic, early latin, vulgar latin, etc.)