Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Always Forgive Funny

Why it is impossible for me to stay angry for too long:
Because I am overly susceptible to Funny. For instance if you insult me cleverly, I am unlikely to be angry. I give it up for Funny, even when it's inadvertent.

Tonight while watching the Oscars with my mother's friends, Terrence Howard (btw, remind me to tell you the funny things I know about him sometime), came on screen in his fancy duds. Pat looked at his sparkling diamond brooch and said, "That's serious jewelry."

My white mother added confidently, knowingly,"Blink."


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srchngformystry said...

two things that always, always melt me: genuine kindness and funny. most of my friends exhibit both. for that, im lucky. and your mom is wonderful!! blink blink.