Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Apparently I alluded to my birthday too often for someone's tastes, like "about a thousand." I only count three, which is of course quite close to a thousand, but here's one more:

That, of course, was years ago. I think it's my third or fourth birthday (that's my sister behing me), in the old elephant house at the Portland zoo. This time I spent my Monday was spent trimming out a living room, sweating in unusually hot and humid weather, then working at the yoga studio until close. When I arrived at 4:00pm, RPP and Rima surprised me with a cake, song, and a scary clown banner across the front desk. I was supposed to be out by 8:30, but got run over by a train, and had to work until 10:30 to get the mess sorted out.

Still, the surprise was so sweet, and I got lots of calls and some good gifts from the mom, too. Oh and two bouquets, 'cause girls always like flowers.

And I bought myself this (very excited) -


GrizzBabe said...

Happy belated birthday!! Glad it was a good one.

jt castleton said...

je ne dirai rien en decembre--je te jure ma cherie. mais tu peux me rappeler mon anniversaire comme tu veux.

kissyface said...

Le juste - a ton anniversaire, je voeux de vice et versa, et la plus grande joie. bisoux et un conte de fée sur le vingt-neuf.