Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That Makes a Girl Tear Up

(but in a good way)

My brother wrote, about the Dylan post:
"it was nice to see the lyrics to Farewell Angelina. You probably don't remember but I used to sing that to you (along with lots of other songs)."

I didn't recall it (I was very little), but you see, I knew it was all embedded there for a good reason. Sometimes we remember what we don't remember, and in the deepest way.

Now we'll have to get him to tell what else he sang to me, while he played his guitar.

That's the sweetest thing ever.


GrizzBabe said...

That is very sweet! No wonder you are fond of that song. And of Bob Dylan.

The Frito Pundito said...

This is the brother here. I used to play you a *lot* of Dylan, being then a Dylan freak. In fact the guitar I played for you, the Yamaha, was one Dad bought based on its resemblance to the guitar on Dylan's first album. And 30+ years later, it is still playing despite various insults heaped upon in exotic foreign countries. I seem to recall you liked "Don't Think Twice" and "Baby Blue." I also played a lot of Beatles - one of your absolute favorites was (get ready to cringe) "Oh-Bla-Di-Oh-Bla Da". And of course camp songs, "Puff", etc. I still wonder how much that song contributed to my nascent career as a stoner. I will post more as those old rusty synapses start to churn again.

kissyface said...

I have a vivid meory of walking around or near the Scotch Broom field (remember that overgrown area, all the brush with yellow flowers by the Simmons' house?), singing Oh-bla-di aloud. I was probably all of three and on my way to meet Eric S. - we used to play hide and seek, cowboys and injuns, and doctor up in those thickets. That is, until his lil' sister (and my best friend), Laura ratted us out, which she did about every third day.

Still love those other tunes. Thanks for giving me great music and poetry right from the start.