Monday, July 24, 2006


I get so many viagra, penis enlargement, and otherwise sexually dysfunctional messages delivered to my yahoo bulk bin, that I have taken to calling it "bulk sin." Generally they get deleted without a second thought, but sometimes the subject line's to good to pass up. Today it was:

But now I can penetrate hardly and give the pleasure to every woman!

Of course the claim is both hugely ambitious and utterly feckless. I imagine the testimonial after using this product, "So, were you able to bang your mistress effectively?"


Here's the body of the message, in case you're curious:

Hello! Thousands of couples broke down because of them, making both
parties unhappy. Safe, efficient and covering all aspects, Extra-Time will
help you forget the premature nightmare. Don't let your partner leave
you because of being unhappy with the duration of your acts. Come in
here: "florexx." She just won't be able to leave you at
all! Be her number one forever! You'll have a huge crush on each other

I don't know what the unidentified "them" is, but I always knew that "they" were behind it.

1 comment:

GrizzBabe said...

That ad reads like it was written by a 14 year old. It probably was.