Friday, April 06, 2007

Band Aid

I have a great new job, that came my way randomly at a Sunday brunch party at the end of my street two weekends ago. This, because I was acting like a jackass, which might just be about the best way I can think of to secure employment. Clark and Nathan were huddled up together away from the rest of the party for quite some time, and I, being the sort that dislikes such cliquish and exclusive behavior, went over to see what was up. Break it up. Whatever.

Upon approaching the duo, I heard Clark say, "I want to set aside $$$ per month to get certain things done."

I began jumping up and down like a four-year-old in footie-pajamas who just mainlined the sugar bowl, "I like money! I like money! What do I have to do?"

Clark looked at me with his usual flat-affect and deadpan manner. Was it disgust? Was it confusion? You can never tell with him, but the wheels are always turning...

"Actually, that might just work."

He offered me the job of managing them. I think I blanched, which is hard to picture, given my naturally ghastly pallor, then said, "Um, I don't know anything about that."

No matter. He said I would figure it out. Furthermore, I believe in them, which was more important to him, anyway. "We need someone to do things like find us cool venues and events."

"But I'm not cool." I protested.

To no avail.

So then it was done, in like two minutes, and ultimately, I didn't even have to think about it.

Remember that scene in Election, after Reese Witherspoon wins, and she's shrieking, fists clenched up in the air, and jumping around? Like the four-year-old? That would be me. This is not a job I had envisioned for myself, and yet it fits so marvelously, for so many reasons. I love music so much, and being around this world really will be good for me. These guys are great musically and, plain and simple, are just really good human beings.

They have a song on The Devil Wears Prada soundtrack, they just played at Sundance, and are poised to score a film, but they don't have a label yet. The music is very heavily Beatles and psychedelia inspired, much like some of Beck's work. But you will hear some Neil Young, some Radiohead, some Schroeder on the piano (in "Light from Sound"), some I don't know what, and if I were French I'd say the same, but in French - a pretentious and empty phrase, like, Je ne sais quoi.

And there's that little rascal, Stewart, keyboardist, snake charmer, ladykiller, with his additionally insane skills on the horn. Listen to him here. When I heard him play last week at Largo, I was quite astonished; I didn't know the trumpet could make those sounds. Guy's like a trip-hop Satchmo. It doesn't really come across the same on the recording, but then it never does. By the way, he plays tonight and tomorrow with Nikka Costa at Largo, if you're keen.

"My" band will be playing as part of a Syd Barrett tribute at Bordello on April 19th. If you like them, you can purchase both "Ojai" and "Crane Point Lodge" on CD Baby, or iTunes.


Citizen H said...

Sounds like a great new career twist. Have fun!

I'm perfectly happy (for the time being) as a social services parasite.

jt castleton said...

hot damn, bring them to boulder

peteski said...

call me.

kissyface said...

C & H - thanks, Lovey, I intend to. How are you an SSP?

JTC - I solemnly endeavor to entertain your campus asap.

Peski - Oh Cryptic One, what shall I call you? How would one call you, anyway?

kissyface said...

oh, and pete - what film is that from, the image of the guy with a gun, pointed at the door, and the young woman on the other side?

GrizzBabe said...

How exciting!! Here's hoping you are ultra successful.

BTW, you should write liner notes. You're very good at it.

steve said...

Good Show! I agree with could do some awesome liner notes!

Mother of Invention said...

Very cool..go for it! I can't believe they've done all they have without a manager.

UF Mike said...

I like 'em! By the way, don't call Peteski. He's just going to try to get you to get them to participate in a little free festival he's putting together. He's calling it "Woodstuck." Good luck with that, Kissyface. If there is a cooler trade than managing a rock band, I can't think of it.

sexy11 said...