Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Syd Barrett Tribute

"My" band is playing this song

Thursday night at Bordello (the oldest bar and historical brothel in downtown Los Angeles), as part of a tribute to the late, great singer-songwriter and founding member of Pink Floyd, pre-David Gilmour, for whom they wrote "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," after he dropped too much acid, developed schizophrenia, and disappeared from view.

Here he sings "Jugband Blues." I think my favorite line is, "..and I wonder who could be writing this song." One of thee, oh sweet voices in Syd's bonny head?

Then he has to go makin' fun of Dylan. O the temerity! Evidently, he wrote this as a teenager, and was later encouraged by David Gilmour to record it.

He sure was purty, that is, before he went nuts and shaved off his eyebrows. Come see us at the show. My boys are on at 10:50pm.


UFMike said...

I wish I could. Come to the show, that is. My personal favorite Syd story involves the time he went to the tailor, picked out a pair of pants, and asked for three pairs in three different sizes. My second favorite Syd story involves the time he crushed mandrax and then mixed them with vaseline before applying the mixture to his head. Then the stage lights caused the goop to melt. Anyone brave enough to lick Stu's head that night would have gotten marvelously, heroically stoned.

They don't break them like Syd anymore.

kissyface said...

UF - As for the pants, maybe he had a precognition of his impending fatness.

I actually have heard that second story. Apparently it inspired the dripping wax image in The Wall. Also, I think Roger Waters or someone said that Syd would never waste good mandrax. So there.

UF Mike said...

Very good point. I only got the chance to do a few quaaludes, "the American Mandrax", but you'd have never caught me putting them in my hair. Then again, after a couple, I'm not sure I could have found my hair. Or my face even.