Monday, April 23, 2007

Let's Talk Turkey

Some good person in Trk, Burdur, Turkey arrived at my site this afternoon via a Google search for "conjugation porn."

I have two thoughts (simple bicameral minded sort that I am) -

1) They meant "conjugal," in which case I must ask, "What porn is not?"

2) The Turks really get off on wordplay generally, in which case I say, "Hear, Hear!" Try naked Scrabble. Listen to Will Shortz get all wobbly-excited over his sometime female on-air cohort as they go over the crossword puzzles. It's pure unadulterated hotness. Speak to me in anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, malaprop, or just wow me with your sesquipedalian tendencies. I'm sure that's shunned in Leviticus and the Koran.

I must go sit down awhile; I'm overwrought.


Citizen H said...

Conjugation porn? Over-the-top! Talk about verbal abuse.

Or maybe he's just trolling for some aural sex.

[Exit, dodging tomatoes yet again]

UF Mike said...

Pass me a wing.

Grant Miller said...

Will Shortz has a radio show?

steve said...

"Tripe my Shortz"