Thursday, May 08, 2008

Extra, Extra

Why is this news?


McGone said...

The only thing lamer would be the follow-up article:

"Yahoo finds way to waste bandwidth after man finds check from 1971 after Arkansas tornadoes"

Citizen H said...

That's what editors must do when they REALLY hate their reporters. Make them come up with copy on lame shit like that. It's called "busy work." It works on the same principle as making Marines buff floors and scrub toilets all day: Keep them occupied, even when there's nothing to do, and they won't go out and cause trouble.

kissyface said...

It's just sad - there's absolutely nothing exceptional, surprising, or particularly interesting. If there had been some element of coincidence, say the name on the check were a long lost friend or the address was that now belonging to his mother, or SOMETHING. Or the amount was large and the paper unredeemed?

I had to read it a couple of times because I thought I was missing the point. That's why I've submitted it to y'all for clarification.