Friday, May 09, 2008

A Lunney By Any Other Name...

Have you ever noticed the resonance and disonance that can exist between a name and its bearer? Some people seem so well dubbed that another name would be impossible, whereas others wear their appellations like second-hand shirts. I have, on rare occasions, had great difficulty speaking the names of very close friends because they were so ill-suited to the person. The most notable example was an old boyfried whom I called by another name entirely, and one which turned out to be the childhood pet name his father gave him.

In any case, this man seems utterly suited to his name, and inspired by this notion, I charge you with a game: submit examples of names that fit and those that don't. It will be like our Sounds Like endeavor of '06 and the successor in '07.

I wonder if you'd think my name seems like me?


Anonymous said...


Stillwater's Ex-Mayor Junker Pleads Guilty To Junk
STILLWATER, Minn. (AP) ― A former Stillwater mayor has pleaded guilty to violating the city's nuisance ordinance after neighbors complained about the junk at his house.

David "Choc" Junker told a Washington County judge on Monday that he's cleaning up his property and that the job would be finished by June 27, which is his sentencing date.

Police went to Junker's home last year after neighbors complained. The police report says Junker's yard was littered with old tires, old metal tubing, old lawnmowers, old snowmobile hull and other junk.

Junker told police in August that he would clean up the mess, but when officers came back to check they found trash and issued him a ticket.

Junker is a former mayor, former public works director and former longtime school board member in Stillwater.

Grant Miller said...

Some people become their names though. Which is cool. Like a plumber with the last name "Waters" or something.

GrizzBabe said...

If people are defined by their names (or vice versa), I want to change my name to Less Pounds.

steve said...

It seemed very much like you when it said "For Snakes that is"...
Still fits though.
The most appropriately named fellow I ever knew was Benedict Conrad Stobnicki...wish i had a picture to show ya.