Monday, September 15, 2008

ED301 Crushing Youthful Spirit and Creativity - A Seminar

Lesson One: Punish acts and expressions of imagination and personal power:

And remember, "Movement accelerates learning."* It must be stopped. That's what Ritalin is for.

Now, please watch this:

(*Dr. Stuart Brown. check out his Institute for Play.)


bulletholes said...

Aw, man you should see some of the ones my son has gotten.... from telling the History teacher she looked "Sexy" when she was Mad to Playing Guitar repeatedly in his sign language class to 'Cock-Rockin" down the hall (don't ask).
But they did not have a line for deducting "Character points".
Thats a little much I think. I'd rather take a beating than losw my character points.

huckleberry said...

When I was six I tried to convince my friends that I could fly better than Superman by flinging myself out of a second-story window.
It was a helluva ride for the first few seconds, but it was downhill from there.

kissyface said...

Steve - yer boy is Awesome. I think he got it all from his old man.

The character points thing is disgusting. Furthermore, it looks like the kid had to fill out the detention card, and if he didn't the penmanship is so underdeveloped the teacher should have been fired for poor penmanship alone. Not that I have anything against it really, but that is not the hand of a steady 'adult.'

kissyface said...

Huck - I love that, and it's just the sort of boy I imagined you were. I really hope I have one or three the same of my own someday, but time is running out... What did you break?

Also, I thought for sure you'd have a comment for the 'Literacy' post yesterday.

Did either of you watch the video? It's so great.