Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Heartwarming Work of Staggering Genius

I think this is Dave Eggers' antidote to poor Anthony's detention report. This is a beautiful project and Eggers could not be more charming. More evidence that there is hope, but it starts with each of us, not whichever man's on top.


bulletholes said...

These are good ideas, very creative, and I bet they work for a lot of kids.
My son, by the time he got to his Senior year, was so full of rebellion against the system that he refused to do a project that he was able to pick himself. actually, he did it kicking and screaming.
What was the subject? Rock and Roll. he could have had fun with it, but he just couldn't get over that he was going to have to DO something even if the topic was ghis own pick.
But what Eggers has going is cool...if students give it half a chance.
I'm not sure if, even at an early age, my boy would have givin it a chance.
And thats what I found to be so disturbing....plenty of disinterested kids go to school and find something there...maybe body shop or Building Trades, but they find it. Even I found something in the stone age when I went, even though I wore my disinterest like my son, like a crown. My son couldn't find a thing. It wasn't the sysems fault.
Sorry for the rant, but he is still struggling and...well...sorry.

kissyface said...

Well, I also think a huge part of the problem with the education system is that it has a very narrow way of doing things, and not all children learn well in the same manner. This is what Sir Ken Robinson addresses in the video I put up with Anthony's Detention Report.

We are not all wired the same way and to try and enforce one model and expect everyone to succeed is inane. Some conformity is necessary, beneficial even, but failing to recognize the value of difference, from which come some of the most revolutionary ideas and innovations is a great loss.

Sorry to use such a hackneyed example, but remember that Einstein did not pass his entrance exam to the Zurich tech school (later he enrolled). Now, yer boy might not be Einstein, but he's got to be good at and interested in something. From what I've heard, the cheeky bastard just might be an actor. Lord help us.