Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Evah Charm School Retraction

In re the post of 10.14.09, My Daughter, My Sister -

Certain facts have come to light (thank you, Dr. DRay), and in an effort to somewhat restore Ms. Goldberg, as much as her sullied reputation and bad sister act can be salvaged, the blog mistress would like to confirm that though her sentiments seem to have been well represented here, she did not say it wasn't "rape-rape." Her words in fact were, actually (we have italicized the necessary changes):

"It was somebody else but I don’t believe it was The Grape-Ape.”

Over 40 ft. high!
Just a little bit shy!

(I do believe we will be making t-shirts of this, you know, to spread the good news, so place your pre-orders now.)


bulletholes said...

Now she's got trouble with PETA!
And Foreigner plagarized the Grape Ape theme song!
They gonna have more trouble down there than Mr. Peebles Pet Shop.

kissyface said...

Her PETA parody is actually fairly amusing:

But she's still wasting food (ref to the Comic Relief buffet table)! Not that I actually care.

I tried to Google the Foreigner faux pas, but nothing. Please explain.

bulletholes said...

Check the lyrics to "Hot -Blooded"
Its vague, and a stretch, but the best I got.