Monday, January 11, 2010

A Brief History of Time

I've never told anyone this before, but my family* is credited with inventing one of the first watches, by a prominent old family in Biel. I find this funny in the context of Time as illusory. So, blame us for false constructs, I guess. Phillip K. Dick claimed some manner of mystical experience across dimensions of time - epiphanal even, as he felt time was an illusion. From then on, he sensed Time was essentially created by Satan to prolong and delay the return of Jesus Christ, the Second Coming.

Did you know he lived next to Disneyland?

(*In fact, my Swiss great-great grandfather was also a master watchmaker, who emigrated to America in 1890.)


Anonymous said...

It was a long-ago relative of mine who was credited with inventing desertion from the Army. He was a Hessian, and didn't want to go back to Germany. So he hid in a barn and ended up marrying the farmer's daughter.

As for Philip K. Dick, it's my understanding that a lot of his theories were the result of heroic amphetamine abuse. But I agree with him that time is the product of Satan. It slows down when you want it to go fast, and goes fast when you want it to slow down. And good look recapturing it, unless you're Marcel Proust.

UF Mike

UF Mike

kissyface said...

Hi Mike-

Amphetamine use, proximity to The Magic Kingdom, what's the difference?

Does that mean your forbear emerged from the Hessian Matrix? Was that in Pennsylvania, and did his bellicose objection make him the local Prince-of-Peace?

Hope you're very very well.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're very very well as well. This was in Pennsylvania, or maybe northern Maryland, somewhere on the Mason Dixon line.

And you're right, there is no difference between Disneyland and amphetamines. A Just Say No approach should be used in both cases.

UF Mike

秘密 said...
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Anonymous said...

給你一個鼓, I couldn't agree more. I especially like the chocolate-covered shrimp.

UF Mike

eda said...
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TheFritoPundito said...

Hi Sis,
I haven't checked your site in oh-so-long, and then I learn this nugget about our family (I assume you are referring to the Gygi side). I never knew that about our ancestors; the most interesting thing I got from Grandpa Gygi's genealogy (which I still have somewhere) is that about 1531 there was a "B. Gygi, an itinerant musician." I'll have to recheck it.

Also, it's nice to see Duff is back. That's encouraging.

B. Gygi