Friday, October 28, 2005


I'm currently working at the yoga studio, and the neighborhood assoc. is sponsoring a safe daylight hour Trick-or-Treat party for the local kids.

Time to take a costume count -

Pirates: 3
Witches: 8
Lion: 1
Fairies: 6
Princesses: 11
Skeletons: 1
Dead Prom Queen: 1 (Excellent. Great Concept, and the dress was Killer.)
Mummy: 1
Bear: 1
Spider Queen: 1
Spider Princess: 1 (Bless them for shaking up the dream a little)
Strawberry Shortcake: 2
Hippy: 1 (said "thank you," like a good hippy should.)
Vampires: 2
Gypsy: 1 (a personal favorite for four years running in elementary school. My mother told me years later that the day I was born, the King of the Gypsies was dying in the same hospital, which was overrun with his mourners. You can tell me what you think it means.)
Dorothy & Toto: 1
Hello Kitty: 1 (Not to be confused with THAT one mentioned in my 10/25 post, but she was Meow Meow Fine.)
Power Ranger: 1
Devil Angel Bride: 1 (Me: Are you a Devil Angel Bride? Girl: "Yes, I AM a Devil Angel Bride." Mom: "Aren't we all, just a little bit?")
Cat: 1
Plain clothes: 2

Skater Boy: 1
Harry Potter: 1 (One?? Shocking!! ONE? How many copies of those books did they sell? How many movies?)
Astronaut: 1 (I'm sorry, it's hot, no matter what the age.)
Pirates: 3
Mummy: 1 (Gorgeous costume - probably the only homemade of the lot - all gauzy and white. A snip here and there and I would have worn it out in the summertime.)
Skeletons: 5
THE Rock: 1 (I made the mistake of asking him if he was a muscle man - had you seen him you would clearly understand - to which all of the frustration in his tiny six-year-old body exasperatedly sighed, "Everyone says THAT." Fortunately, he corrected me. Don't quite know why, but it was hilarious.)
Police Men: 2
Jack-o-Lantern: 1
Fire Fighter: 1
SWAT Team: 1
Darth Vader: 4
Frog: 1
Zorro: 1
Power Rangers: 3
Grim Reaper:1
Knight: 5
"Scream" Killer: 2
Robin: 1 (I mean, who really wants to be second place Beta guy? I really appreciate this kid.)
Scottish Bagpiper: 1 (Clan MacClay? Can't be certain. Must learn to read the Tartan, right after I finish reading The Book of the Courtier.)
Stitch, as in "Lilo &": 1
Twin Chinamen: 1 set of two boys
Twin Spidermen: 1 set of two boys (is anyone else aware of the hyper-proliferation of multiple births going on in New Jersey? I saw some article, but failed to read it. Consequent of what? Love Canal? Three Mile Island? Decades of Hormones in our so-called food and milk? Or do the folks in Jersey just really like their fertility drugs? Does this mean more twinned spawn of Satan, like Lamb & Lynx (see 10/24 post, or link to ???
Ninja: 1
Freddy Kreuger: 1
Gangster: 1
Monkey: 1
Plain Clothes: 6

Adult Female Playing Jedi Mind Tricks: 1 (she was dressed like a good guy from Empire Strikes back, but let's face it, after seventeen, you really can't be door to door begging for candy. It's just not seemly. I will make an exception for the pushing-year-50-woman who came to my door last year dressed as Sponge Bob Square Pants. She was holding a kegger beer in a Dixie cup. Her SECOND pass by my door she was MUCH drunker.)

Slutty Bitch: 1 (didn't actually SEE one this evening, but it's what I plan to be on Monday night. Boo!)

I'll leave the sociological interpretations of the costume spread to y'all, but I will say, the girls were more creative this year.


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jt castleton said...

hey thanks for the plug. Glad to be your first. check back from time to time. it's all about networking and word-of-mouth.
and i can't believe people dressed up as lamb & lynx. hillarious! but kind of esoteric.