Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thunderstorms and Neon Signs

Conversation at the yoga studio last Monday evening-

female student:'s so weird today, it just doesn't seem like Monday. It feels more like Wednesday.

teacher: You're right, it definitely feels like Wednesday.

me: You're both crazy - it seems like a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon, and I should be eating a bowl of popcorn while lying on the sofa with a HOT boy, watching movies.

teacher: (laughs) this is how you spend your Sundays?

me: This is how I dream of spending my Sundays.

student: (emphatically) You don't have a Boyfriend?

me: (slight strain on my face) well... not exactly.

student: Really?

me: Well, it depends on how you define Boyfriend.


student: (after a moment of thoughtful consideration) ...a guy who is a constant source of disappointment to you?

me: ...but who I'm madly in love with?

student: ...even though you probably shouldn't be...

me: Yes. Why, yes! That's it exactly. I do have a boyfriend!

(lights dim) (roar of applause)

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