Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Able was I, ere I saw Elba

Just back from computer exile - a new hard drive and ram, all for $207, and the guy might have put earthworms in there for all I know, but she's working. All I had to do was endure him asking me to ask him out. Tech nerds are so socially well-adjusted, it's a cautionary tale in pitching woo.

I have things to write, and no time right now. But since UNREMITTING MIKE was so taken with my star sighting, and invoked Allen Ginsburg, I direct you more recent readers to an old (pre-UM and Peteski, and maybe even you, Steve), "celebrity encounter" from my tender freshman days at old Brunonia. I think you'll enjoy it.

The rest of you, sorry for the redundancy, and please be patient.


Citizen H said...

Hmm. This was back about when I turned up on the scene and started flinging comment-poo like a rhesus monkey.

GrizzBabe said...

$207? Yikes. For a couple hundred more you could have gotten a whole new computer. Unless, of course, you have a laptop.

(I say that like you're made of money.)

kissyface said...

Gbabe - I have a 14" iBook (it was $1500), and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's going to be three in July. The computer guy asked me when I planned to upgrade, and I said, "Not until I absolutely have to."

He gave me that, "Well, if we have to replace the logic board, then that's about $400 = labor, so you might as well get a new one."

When did a third of the cost become more expensive than the full cost, I asked him. He said, well, it would be a faster machine. I said, yeah, and I'd like a new car, too.

But seriously, this is what is wrong with our consumer culture, I feel, at least. Everything's disposable.

And you are right, I am so very not made of money.

If I were really smart, I'm sure I'd get a pc, but I'm not smart. I'm a creative type.

Citizen H - fling away! Rhesus pieces.

UF Mike said...

Groovy! But don't you mean to say, "Abbie was I, ere I saw Eibba?"

Thanks Kissyface!

kissyface said...

U Mike - it truly did cross my mind, but only changing the first word. But then, I hated to break up the palindrome.

steve said...

I remember this post and unlike our outspoken marine friend with the HUGE GPA (congrats), was afraid to show my ass.
I wanted to be a hippie when I was 12 years old, but I didnt like any of those guys (abbie, timothy, allen), or even the Beatles....and I was a George Wallace fan...but I still wanted to be a hippie....Kent State put me over the top with a lot of my friends too and if you can be a 13 year old hippie, well, thats what we were.

Huckleberry said...

Yeah, all of this is Greek to me.
And not the Mediterranean kind that I kind understand...