Friday, August 10, 2007

Be Free*

I saved a hummingbird that was trapped in my laundry room the other day. I like to think it's the same one that was coming each and every day, several times a day, to my study window and peering in at me. I kid you not. He spent a fair amount of time looking in, is why I think that. Or maybe he just envied the wood panelling, all that vinyl and all those books. So anyway, I put up one of those syrupy red feeders, because what else could he possibly be asking for? Then I stopped sitting there; it's hot in the summer in the SW corner of the house. A few days ago I heard loud buzzing in the laundry room and the bird was pressing itself up against the interior windows, the way moths and flies get when they can't realize there is no passing through the glass. I picked up a box to try and gently trap it, which didn't happen, but pretty soon after it perched on the edge of the cardboard and remained completely still until I walked it out the back door. Away it flew. That was a good day.

(*And please don't sue me, Mr. Photographer)


bruce said...
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Rev. Barking Nonsequitor said...

Life's simple pleasures are made up of cleaning the fridge and saving hummingbirds.

On rare occasions, ones dies of salmonella poisoning that didn't get cleaned from the refrigerator seals or hummingbirds make bad judgments because they are infected with lethal brain parasites.

But not always.

Citizen H said...

Better than my usual household guests. Cottonmouths, Raccoons, and Mosquitoes, Oh My!

Nothing like going out to the backyard in the morning and having to go straight for the garden hoe. Snakes are the downside of living with 2000 acres of woodland out your back gate.

kissyface said...

Bruce - what is it you said then left unsaid? were you correcting the errata in the post?

Rev - deep thoughts deeply felt. thank you.

Citizen - i'm right at the edge of the vast if relatively barren (compared to the lush south) Griffith Park, so we have skunks, deer, lizards, scorpions and rattlers here, hon. Fortunately, no venomous snakes have graced my backdoorstep, though Duff got hisself bit twice a few years back. my friend, Miranda, up the street, has seen them on her back terrace. i wish i saw the raccoons around the hood. they are here, but never in my yard. i know they are bothersome creatures and rather dangerous to dogs, but they are most amusing to watch. nasty little bandits.

UF Mike said...

Maybe the hummingbird is a peeping tom. Lots of hummingbirds are. In my experience.

Citizen H said...

Speaking of the slithering little shits, I just killed a juvenile Eastern Diamondback out in the yard. The cat was playing with it for some stupid reason. Very lucky I found the little bastard.