Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who is better than you, Emmylou?

and singing one of my favorite songs, Pancho & Lefty. Back in 1977. Thank God for You Tube.


steve said...

Heres Guy clarks tribute to Townes...Mr clark will be in Fort Worth in November....I saw him in 1993 and I don't think there were more than 30 people there...I imagine he will have a bigger crowd this time around!
By the way, this song rocks...has a real edge to it.

Cold Dog Soup
Guy Clark/Mark D. Sanders

William Butler Yeats in jeans
Got up to play guitar and sing
In some join in Mission Beach last night
At the door sat Tom Waits
In a pork pie hat and silver skates
Jugglin' three collection plates Jesus Christ

Townes Van Zandt standin' at the bar
Skinnin' a Hollywood movie star
Can't remember where he parked his car
Or to whom he lost the keys
Full of angst and hillbilly haiku
What's a poor Ft. Worth boy to do
Go on rhyme somethin' for em' man
Show him how you really feel

Ain't no money in poetry
That's what sets the poet free
I've had all the freedom I can stand
Cold dog soup and rainbow pie
Is all it takes to get me by
Fool my belly till the day I die
Cold dog soup and rainbow pie

Ginsberg and Kerouac
Shootin' dice and playin' Ramblin' Jack's guitar
With the cowboy paintin' pickguard on it
And they sat in the back and drank for free
And rhymed orange with Rosalie
Now there's a pride of lions to draw to

stella said...

Dunno whether I ever told you this story and am totally dating myself. Please excuse any and all redundancy.

The year was late '75.

I had been miraculously teleported to England to go to school, not necessarily of my own volition. With Mars squaring Saturn natally, my dad made me go. ". . .out of kindness I suppose. . ."

One day, I had weaved in and out of the streets of London on foot, determined not to take public transport so I could see it all. As if one could ever.

I really didn't know why I was there and was quite befuddled.

All day long for some strange reason, I kept singing "Hickory Wind" as I wandered aimlessly past the many gates buffered by, and armoured with sandbags to protect structures from potential bombings by the IRA.

Later did I learn that I blew out my achille's heal by doing so.

Yet that night, I happened beneath a marquis that said "Emmy Lou Harris and the Hot Band" SRO.

I somehow miraculously landed in the front row for a phenomenal show.

Just lucky I guess.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane. It was a nice reminder.

". . .and now he's growing old. . ."

love ya and talk shortly,


edP said...

So much better than the Willie Nelson hit single version.

A fitting tribute to the late TVZ

UF Mike said...

Beautiful. She has a voice like chocolate donuts.