Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wild Child

This sort of thing is my dream to experience. Evidently, these blokes raised the cub until he was too big to keep, so they turned him out where he could join a pride. This is their one year reunion. I think I could die happy if a lion gave me this sort of welcome.

Or, say, the kiss from the dolphin to Yang-Yang, but we already covered that.

Then there's Hippo Jessica. She makes a nice house guest, and my dog would just want to hug the stuffings out of her.

And no, I do not wear sweatshirts with kitties, lionesses or Pooh Bear airbrushed and spangled on them.


Citizen H said...

Man. I wondered for a moment if that was going to turn into an out-of-hand, Roy Horn maiming.

McGone said...

I actually held my breath when he started running towards them. I thought I was about to watch some animal planet snuff film.

That? Was crazy.

peteski said...

I've gone to Baja to shower with dolphins.

ps. send me those photos!

kissyface said...

peteski - what photos? why do i even bother asking? i know you'll never answer.