Friday, January 19, 2007

My Peeps!

This makes me feel an odd sense of home-town pride. Whereas Portland citizenry cannot be anywhere near as poor foul-weather drivers as Angelenos (for one, the former are just too polite), there really isn't a lot of snow/ice time up there in the city. Of course anyone who grew up in Oregon should have some clue, as the rest of this Cascade Mountain range state has plenty of frozen precipitation.

Also, I'm pretty sure I know the area this was filmed in, and it's much steeper than the video suggets.

Here goes, this is hilarious:


whosyourhuckleberry said...

Why did the jackasses keep trying to drive through?
Never use your brakes in an ice skid, cuz then your vehicle is just a glorified hockey puck...

kissyface said...

Huck -

I wondered that too, but I was starting to think, after repeat viewings, that they really couldn't stop the cars because of the incline of the hill. And there were all those other "clusters" of cars down at the end-points. It does seem ridiculous.

I was thinking, however, that this could make a great visual aid for a basic physics lesson.