Thursday, January 11, 2007

That 70s Show!

Do you remember that period in the 70s where every sitcom had someone falling into quicksand? I'd like someone to do a book/timeline of comedic conventions. You know, the apex of -
pie in the face
taped line down the center of the bedroom as sibling conflict resolution
too many suds in the washer
Don't Slam the Front door or the Souffle will Fall!

Got any to add? Doesn't have to be that decade.

Till then, here's a cool site on comedic conventions that some wise soul passed on to me. Am I reading it right, or did they omit lewdness and poop?


steve said...

I always like the one liners that out of context have no real value, but go on to become mantras of a sort... I recall years ago seeing a Lady (hmmph) at a C&W dive, tearing her shirt off while yelling as loud as she could...

Anonymous said...

How about getting LOST in space and time...or under the sea.

And of course there is the magical,other-worldly,not fully human beautiful female.
RIP Madame DeCarlo

Citizen H said...

Well, they had double entendres covered, but those don't entirely cross the line to lewdness. Not on a Benny Hill scale, anyhow.

Let's also not forget the "lovable losers", and the not-so lovable, who simply can't win for losing, for the entire run of some shows.