Friday, October 27, 2006

And a Couple of Tra-La-las

My brother, with whom I have recently reconnected, but not seen since I was nineteen (before that when I was maybe seven), is coming to visit me next month. This is good news, to be sure.

He asked if he could come, and bring his Lab, Blue. I responded in an email that he was more than welcome, "and your little dog too."

Then he wrote me back:

"Your Wizard of Oz reference reminded me that we (Kathleen, Renate and I - my long absent sisters) used to think the line Glinda says at the end, "Toto too", was the funniest thing and would say it to each other for no reason at all.

Then one day when you were just learning how to speak you said it like, "Doo doo do" and it was the cutest thing EVAH, I'm telling you!"

It should be noted that one of my nicknames back then, and with no connection to the film that I'm aware of, was "Tutu."

It's really good to reconnect with family. This has been a chasm of a hole in my life for so long


Grant Miller said...

Sometimes it's nice to reconnect with family. Other times it's wise to get a restraining order.

GrizzBabe said...

I'm glad you are getting an opportunity to reconnect with your brother. Family is so very important. I hope you guys have a good visit.