Wednesday, February 07, 2007

luck runs out

(this from the archives - a letter sent. april '02)

ma chere flore -

just as i get a job they decide it is superfluous. they asked for a
five month commitment. i gave it. apparently it was unilateral, which
is reminding me of the romantic situation i'm in.

i sprained my ankle in a retarded physical maneuver outside the 7-11 on santa monica and las palmas. it was the anti-ballet. ice packed all night, it healed quickly, but the water leaked all over my bed, and now my roommate thinks i suffer from enuresis.

career, heart and body are in sad shape.
i'm taking what's left of my mind and auctioning it on ebay tonight.
this might be the last you hear from me.

feeling puny,



The Dancing Bear said...

OK girl, get a grip on yourself. Maybe this will cheer you.

"Some people are like slinkies. Not really good for much but still bring a smile to your face when kicked down the stairs"

Cantre Memberwho

Anonymous said...

enurisis is better than grateful!

UF Mike said...

That is one great letter, Kissyface. Wish I'd written it. Heck, maybe I will! Gotta go, Mike

rachel said...

I would buy that on ebay