Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Separated at Earth?


Anonymous said...


I believe this is what I looked like yesterday....yes a very similar look - eery........well, I'm here to eat crow and apologize for being a bitch over at steve's place.......having a bad day,,,,,,read something that rubbed me the wrong way....and voila' - not an excuse - just the facts.

You are obviously well educated and intelligent. In fact, I'm the one flying by the seat of my pants - writing poetry - never studied it - trying to pick up bits and pieces here and there - getting poets to stop by and edit every now and then...........

mmmmmmffffffff - oh sorry, those were the black feathers stuck in my mouth. Sometimes I just don't know when to keep my mouth shut.

red dirt girl

kissyface said...

RDG - you were obviously defending your friend and/or the poet, or the guy who chose the poet, and no one can fault the impulse to protect. I felt uncertain about saying what I said in the first place as 1) I knew it was all subjective 2) who am I, anyway 3) why dishonor other people's choices/proclivities, But I'll stand by its content. I wasn't trying to be mean, and Steve knows we all like him. He's a good 'un.

I thank you for the praise, though its merit is debatable. I suppose it's all relative anyway, and we've each of us got our own set of smarts, right? I don't have two nickels to rub together at the moment, how smart am I?

Anyway, I appreciate and accept your apology - you are a woman of largesse to do so. I'm quite sure I've eaten the tailfeathers of a passerine a time or two, though I've great difficulty distinguishing between raven and crow. I'm told the former has a more wedged-shaped tail, larger beak and deeper voice. Neither bird is known for its good flavor, so I advise you to excuse yourself from the table. We don't like to serve any of that here, anyway.

peace to you, too.

PretaMulatta said...

poor soul. but Goddess knows we've all been there. that other woman! if we could JUST get rid of her... then your sanity lapses...

b4 u know it u've crafted up some cartoon-like scheme that involves her disappearance.

sigh. they should offer lipgloss for mugshots, at LEAST!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kissyface - a gracious acceptance.


steve said...

"Bang, bang, shoot em' up, destiny
Bang, bang, shoot em' up to the moon
Bang, bang, shoot em' up one, two, three..."