Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mini Me, You Complete Me

"Plato writes a dialogue on a symposium, a private banquet, where each guest is asked to give a speech in honor of the god Eros. The guests in this dialogue include Phaedrus, the doctor Eryximachus, the playwright Aristophanes, the poet Agathon, and Socrates:

"Socrates maintains that Eros is ... a 'great spirit' who is 'midway between what is divine and what is human,' his ambiguous nature owing to the strange circumstances of his conception. Sired at the birthday party of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, Eros is the child of [his mother] Poverty, who came to the festivities uninvited as a beggar, and [his father] the god Plenty, a welcome guest who passed out there drunk. ... [They produce] a son who is neither 'mortal nor immortal.' Now fully grown, Eros takes after his mother. Constantly in need, he is 'hard, unkempt, barefoot, homeless.' But, like his father, he is 'brave, enterprising and determined.' Having inherited 'an eye for beauty and the good,' Eros continually searches for these two qualities through love, as befits one conceived in the presence of Aphrodite."

"Aristophanes [retells the] celebrated fable that human beings were originally joined two at a time to form complete wholes. Overly powerful, these four- legged creatures provoked the suspicion of the gods, who had them sundered to reduce their strength; now each half walks the earth in search of its other. ... It explains our sense of longing and loss, as we wander the earth in search of the one who makes us whole. '[W]here happiness for the human race lies,' Aristophanes concludes, is 'the successful pursuit of love.' Eros is the great benefactor who will '[return] us to our original condition, healing us, and making us blessed and perfectly happy.'

- Darrin M. McMahon, Happiness, Atlantic Monthly Press, 2006, pp. 33-34.

Likewise, KFace would like to recount in paraphrase an embellished story from an old French film she saw so long ago, she might even have dreamt it. Its title is lost to her, but if any of you recognize the parable, please let us know -

Back in the beginning of the beginning when happy dogs roamed the planet, and before they became infatuated with stink, there came a great blustering and unhappy wind! Oh my how it shook those doggies about, from head to tail were they agitated! When the whirlwinds and galeful gusts subsided, it was found that all their assholes had dislodged and reattached haphazardly, upon the wrong hosts! What junky jumble! Now the canine, of baleful eye and tender heart must stop and inquire of each dog-friend he meets, if it's his asshole they are wearing. Like us, they too are split-apart.

Now you know why they sniff each other so, mes enfants. As is their custom.


Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't photoshop those flags on there.

So you've been to Alanon?

kissyface said...

Alanon? What's that got to do with the price of milk?