Friday, February 02, 2007

Space Invaders

This is all so War of the Worlds.

Boston got shut down. The "ads" were places in ten other US cities, but Boston banned Boston, and it cost the city a lot. I can see how many feel the 'bomb scare' in Boston is tantamount to yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater, if I kind of squint my brain a little. I get that there is a lot of free-floating fear in the culture, some of it merited. These are reactionary times.

I am also supportive of subversive art, though any sense of real threat should be assuaged. Install responsibly, young sculptors.

But this was marketing gone awry. For a cartoon. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, wha?

So why make accountable the two men who installed the work for $300 apiece, and not go after the corporation as well?

Here, the 'pranksters' avoid any pertinent questions, as advised by their attorney, in favor of a discourse about hair. It's fairly asinine, but the split screen allows us to see footage of the installation.

I really need to see some close-ups of those things to see what was so terrifying about the 'devices' outside of the taint on that word. Seriously. Lite-Brite? Duracell, not Sleeper Cell.

Fortunately the Mayor turns out to be a decent sort:

"Mayor Thomas M. Menino was still smarting over the prank this morning, but expressed some empathy for apparent pawns Berdovsky and Stevens.

“I want to go after the boardroom,” he said of Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting.

I'm wondering if the worst thing they can get them on is billboard advertising without a proper permit, or maybe indecency. That little martian really did flip Boston the bird, which made the media nervous, too. Journalists, et. al., need to grow back their balls. Take a lesson from Rummy, he's not afraid to flip off hippies:


rachel said...

people in bahwstin are wiched smaaaahrrrt!

whosyourhuckleberry said...

Coulda only been this big in a Puritan township, I tell ya...

steve said...

"squint my brain a little"... I can get some milage out of that!

steve said...

it'll probably get me fired someday...