Sunday, February 25, 2007

This Sweet Dream of Being a Woman

in love with vast expanses
the clean green sugar of grasses
warm repose after a hard ride on a reliable horse
and the gentle ride home
feeling the direction of where she is going
and knowing it is the way she's going
not the getting

her native softness clothing all that hushed power
in the delicate elegance
flowers reaching up for her measured touch
all that she's left behind
and all that waits for her, impatiently
aholler in windstorms and othertimes plaintively
whispering in the light tongues of summer whisks
because she is the one most beloved
remember that

(photo by Eve Arnold, from her In China series, photographed in 1979, book publ. 1980. The much better version of this photo is here, please go look at the original. I could only find a poor quality image that was grabbable. Click on her name. It's the first image that comes up. She's probably most famous for her Marilyn photos.


steve said...

KF-you asked about the Crazy Church lady some time ago and I hate to come and advertize, but I am about to cover the strange update up with another post...i have been meaning to do the update but the events this weekend...well...I thought you might appreciate just how bizzarre truth can be- see old Time Religion.

peteski said...

livin the dream ...

they found the severed hand under the exotic dancer's bed after responding to a report of a man trying to commit suicide with a hammer.