Thursday, May 18, 2006

99 Problems

Did I say I wouldn't write about the dogs anymore..?

This is Levi, who never liked toys for anything but for the shredding, until he moved in with that big P to the Y, D to the Y. That's right, he's copying Duffy.

RPP and I were talking about Levi the other day, because lately he has been acting a little strange. Well, he's always a little odd, but frequently he just stares at the wall, or gets confused about which room to enter when you call him. Yesterday I found him in that Sphinx posture dogs assume, face in and under the white chair we have in the bathroom. He doesn't hang out in there.

Levi has Cushing's Syndrome (which makes him nervous), poor hips, probably failing eyesight, tarter, occasional temper flares, Phattynomas, yo, and a strange growth and the back of his head. RPP suggested that maybe Levi's developing Alzheimers.

"Levi's got enough problems," I said.

"But a Bitch ain't one," she said.

Levi would like to point out that while Duff got organic grass fed free-range (well, not anymore), Bison bones for his birthday (which he shared, btw), Levi got a lap dance and a beer:

Thank you, Rima.


The Frito Pundito said...

Um, technically speaking, do dogs even HAVE laps? It looks more like "hip dance" to me.

kissyface said...

Or a "Lab Dance."

whosyourhuckleberry said...

Literally, a lucky dog...