Monday, May 08, 2006

Ice Caps

A letter from my brother, with whom I am back in contact after too many years. The picture's from a trip the family took when I was maybe five, and I'm standing between two of my three siblings. The posture cracks me up.

"Hey, thanks for the Glacier pic, fuzzy as it is (matches my memories).
I sent it to R____ who didn't remember the trip at all. Anyway, it is
Glacier, since we didn't get up to Banff. I seem to recall we were
thinking of heading that way, but didn't figure that provinces are a LOT
bigger than states, so it would have been several days extra driving.
I do recall from that trip seeing the Northern Lights for the first time.
I think that was the last trip we took together before things started
really falling apart.

Also, in a few years it will something of a keepsake to remind people
that there once were glaciers. I also read that glaciers are moving
faster now that it's warmer, so the term 'glacial pace' may have to be

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