Tuesday, May 16, 2006


In response to my mother's day post, my brother wrote:

"I loved the picture of Dad and (your mother). I had forgotten about Dad's channeling-Tim-Leary phase (a neat trick considering Leary was alive at that point)

Of course, he ended up looking more like Dan Rowan. I remember when hippies first started appearing around Portland how interested Dad was in them (of course the free love aspect probably drew him as much as anything). He took us once to the Duck Soup Cinema, which was the alternative hippie film theater, to see "You Are What You Eat," a film starring Tiny Tim
which was typical sixties melange of druggie clips and non sequiturs. I went to the theater in my Cub Scout outfit and felt tremendously out of place.

The amazing thing in the picture is how normally everyone else is dressed. I am trying to recollect who any of the people are - has your mom ever told you? To continue the Holly Golightly references, that was one of Dad's nicknames for my Mom, and I don't think it was supposed to be meant in a nice way."

I'll have to ask him how that could be an insult (most ladies wouldn't balk at the glamor, I imagine) - either he meant she was seemingly superficial, or he was calling her a prostitute.

An response to the "Frank Mills" lyrics, he wrote:

"This song has interesting connection for me. They were filming location shots for the Milos Forman version of Hair in Central Park one Saturday (in 1978, I thnk) and put out a call for people to put on their 60s gear (which at that point still fit) and come on out. I did just that, wandered around a bit, and found myself in the filming of the "Frank Mills" sequence. The singer was walking through a meadow and I actually brought up some rocks to her as a present. Sadly, the song did not make the final cut of the movie, so my only chance at screen time was lost forever. Hmmm...I wonder if the DVD version has missing sequences?"

It's a good thing my brother's sending me good blog fodder, because clearly I've hit a dry spell!

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